Customer Testimonials

  • I love the new wheel and so do the cats.

    Gary / San Diego

  • I like it very much and so has everyone who’s seen it.

    Joe / Virginia

  • We are very happy with it!

    Carol / Massachusetts

  • My dog frank loves the wheel. When It is raining or too cold to go outside he will jump in his wheel and get a sweat going! Its too funny, my friends love to watch him! he is such a show off now. Thanks for making this great product I am speading the word!


  • My bengal loves it and I’m so happy I bought it. Bengals have so much energy and I believe all owners should have one.

    Jade / Australia

  • I don’t know why, but watching a kitty run on the wheel is so funny. I am especially happy that they have something to keep them active inside while the weather is so cold.

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    Linda / Ohio